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Korean skincare is mesmerizing the beauty world. From K-Beauty to the 10-step Korean skincare routine, to glass skin to sheet masks, their innovative skincare approaches, and ingredients give us exciting new ways to approach our anti-aging regimens. So what's all the hype and how can you incorporate this wisdom into your regimen?
K-beauty is an umbrella term for beauty regimens and products that originated from South Korea. Koreans are well-known for even-toned soft skin and a never-ending drive to achieve porcelain-like texture and color. Koreans invest considerable time and money on cosmetics and beauty products to take care of their skin - which explains their multi-step regimens. In a sentence, K-Beauty combines gentle skincare with easy-to-use multi-step protocols and unique ingredients. Begin by learning the 5 Must-Have Korean Skincare Steps then check out the 5 Top Korean Skincare Trends for 2021. 
Here's how BSB can help you incorporate Korean wisdom & tech into your beauty regimen!
HYDRATE, hydrate! 
Double your serum application. 
Grab the GEL!  Gel skincare products oil-free, water-based alternatives to creamy skincare.
Go for the MULTI-TASKING products
Must-Have K-Pop Ingredients
Green Tea Extract - Don't just anti-oxidize internally, fight free radicals on your skin.
Vitamin C- Brighten, even out skin tone and fight free radicals
AHAs - Gently exfoliate with a family of exfoliants for a glowing complexion
Snail Mucin- This ultra-healing exfoliating secretion is nutrient-rich and transforms skin.
Peptides - Collagen, keratin, and elastin proteins work together to strengthen your skin.
Niacinamide- Anti-age par excellence with Vitamin B3's hydrating and collagen-boosting prowess.