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Recommended for Normal & Dry Skins
  • Advanced Diamondhead Microdermabrasion Device with 5 levels of suction. (Comes with 4 Diamond Tips & 100 filters for multiple usages)
  • Caviar & Carat Lift & Hold Serum for the eyes, face, & neck
  • Shine Bright Mask
  • Wash skin and ensure it is free of skincare creams or make-up. 
  • Select preferred mode on Microdermabrasion machine. 
  • Start treatment. Place treatment tip slowly over areas you want to treat on the skin. When finished, wash your face with cold water to cool the skin and remove any remaining exfoliated dead skin cells.
  • Apply the Shine Bright Mask to calm and nourish the skin. Keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then remove the mask and clean the skin.
  • Apply the  Caviar & Carat Lift & Hold Serum to instantly smooth, tone and lift the eye, face and neck areas for a younger appearance
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