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Why Regular Facials Are Necessary

Posted on March 23 2018

The skin is a living organ. It takes about 30 days for cells to move up from the dermis to the surface where they flatten out, die and slough off. Regular monthly facials train your skin to be more balanced and radiant.
The benefits of a facial include expert skin analysis from someone who truly understands your unique skin type and how to best care for it. Estheticians provide professional strength exfoliation to smooth the skin and lighten discoloration from sun and breakouts, facial massage to increase circulation, and brightening for glowing skin. Working with an esthetician gets you on a regimen of customized products and ingredients that help your skin look its best. Drug store products are often chemical-laden which can create long-term skin damage.
Problems addressed in facials include: Crows feet, Under eye bags, Sagging lids, Dark circles, Puffiness, Aging skin, Fine lines, Surface wrinkles, Poor elasticity, Dry skin, Enlarged pores, Excessive oiliness, Clogged pores, Whiteheads, Blackheads, Breakouts, Dark spots, Pigmentation, and Redness.
Facials fight aging by treating skin cells with antioxidants and other ingredients specifically designed to promote collagen production; these treated cells then go on to replicate every 4 weeks, creating new cells that are healthier. Regular facials aid this process, encouraging the healthier cells to keep replicating themselves. Facials exfoliate much more deeply than you can at home, which allows serums and moisturizers to fully penetrate the skin, giving maximum effect to your skincare products. This deep exfoliation combined with stimulating massage aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Even if you don't have acne, deep pore cleansing should be performed on your skin but not by you. Specific techniques must be used to remove pustules pushing from underneath the skin. Improper technique can be unhygienic, leave scarring and create repeated breakouts. If a breakout is not completely removed, the idle dirt will build up and cause pores to get bigger. Estheticians clean the oil and pore impurities from your skin to clear it, prevent acne, and even shrink pores and make them more even.
Estheticians go through professional schooling and licensing on service protocols and ingredients that are effective at creating long-term results for healthy and beautiful skin. In your regular facial sessions, you learn about the products that work best for your skin and build a custom daily routine based on your unique needs. The skincare world is huge and products can be expensive, so it is difficult to know where to start.
Regular facials prevent problems like dry patches, weird breakouts and extreme oilinessbefore they start by creating a preventative routine. Getting rid of dead skin makes way for new skin which refines and smooths skin’s texture and appearance. This deep exfoliation can also lessen the appearance of dark spots, which are among the first signs of aging and sun damage.
A facial is one of the most relaxing spa treatments. They are an indulgent time to let go of everyday stress. A facial is like a massage for your face; the soothing ingredients, calming music, and soft smells of the spa create a relaxing experience unlike any other.
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