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The Truth About Serums

Posted on January 22 2018

If you're not entirely sure what serums are meant to do or how they would fit into your skincare routine, you're not alone. Serums are one of the most mysterious products in the skin care category. Many come in beautiful colors with delicate glass droppers and feel heavenly when applied to the skin. But ask the average woman on the street, "What is a serum?" She might not be able to tell you. Since serums can have such a transformative effect on your skin, it's important to understand what they actually are (i.e., do your homework on choosing the right formulation for your skin type) before spending money on one to try out. 

What is a serum?

Serum is a powerful oil or gel-like lotion that contains a high volume of centralized performance ingredients. Some may confuse serums as replacements for face lotions or moisturizers, when the two actually work best together. It's best to use a serum underneath a moisturizer or a mask in order to enhance results. Think of serums as a booster to help all your other products reach their fullest potential. Most serums are formulated to perform the following jobs; heal acne, firm loose skin, fade brown spots and brighten skintone.

When do I use my serum?

To get best results from your serum, try to incorporate it one time a day, preferably after washing or exfoliating your face and before applying makeup or moisturizer. Don’t go and replace your cleanser, toner, or moisturizer because those are still the base to a strong routine. Think of your serum as a helping hand!

How often should I use my serum?

Most of the time the recommended application is on the label. Skin benefits most when applied at least once or twice a day, before makeup application or before night cream.

How much do I apply?

Apply a dime size amount evenly distributed on the face. Anything more could be wasteful.

How do I know I need a serum?

Serums are best when you are not getting the results you were looking for from your other beauty products. Or maybe you feel like your skin needs an extra push or supplements. For example, if you're acne prone: get a Vitamin C serum. If your skin feels dry: look for a serum with Vitamin E as its principal ingredient.

Different serums provide diverse skin enhancing qualities depending on the ingredients. Check out a list below of my recommended serums:

PLEASE NOTE: Because serums are powerful, more is not better. Too much of a powerful ingredient can irritate sensitive skin. 

For a Brighter Complexion

This serum is powered by Vitamin C and super hydrating saccharide isomerate, sphingolipids and clinical-grade peptides to help smooth out the look of facial lines. Induced with nutrients only found in the Swiss garden from the SulforaWhite. This serum inhibits melanin formation to visibly brighten and lighten. In addition, it has natural anti-agers including grape stem cell extract, pomegranate extract, olive oil-based squalane and grapefruit peel to help stimulate skin’s natural rejuvenation processes and cell turnover rate to deliver radiant results without irritation. Light-reflecting particles add a subtle glow.

For Acne-Prone Skin

Vitamin C is known to increase collagen production which skin needs when forming new skin cells. This serum is also known to repair damaged skin and reduce inflammation all while unclogging pores. It’s derived from antioxidant-rich citrus fruit extract formulated to protect against free radicals and skin-damaging ultraviolet rays so you see improved elasticity and more even skin tone.

For Aged Skin (To reduce fine lines and wrinkles)

Powered with Vitamin A, C, and E this serum is packed with supercharged antioxidants, vitamins and mega hydrators like Jojoba, Squalene, and Carrot seed. This is a luxurious oil blend that promotes skin health and youth in every application. Highly moisturizing, you’ll see signs of age reduced including wrinkles and fine lines.

For Fading Dark Spots

This is the ultimate serum to combat oxidative damage and stubborn dark spots by reversing the aging process. This is a potent yet gentle combination of vitamins and acids that work together to create even skin tone, firmness and a bright glow. Primary ingredients include Vitamin C, Swiss Sprout, and Azelaic Acid.

For Red Skin (Including Rosacea and Fragile Capillaries)

Reddish skin sufferers: Time for a positive change. Rosacea, fragile capillaries and visible redness can't be resolved with traditional cosmetics. That's why we rely on soothing herbal astringents with polyphenol antioxidants, including pomegranate, vine leaves, butcher’s broom, witch hazel and healing knotgrass. Rich in plant-based silica, the unique blend reduces redness significantly. This light, oil-free fluid is easily absorbed and calming.

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