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The Hidden Benefits of Massage Therapy

Robin Doyle

Posted on August 23 2017

Investing your time and money into a massage can be surprisingly beneficial. Not only is massage therapy relaxing, but it can also help alleviate certain conditions you probably would have never thought of!

Sleep Better

Your next day can often depend on whether or not you had a good night’s rest. Having a good sleeping cycle is a vital part of our overall daily health and wellness. Lack of sleep can result in low energy, obesity, and even being at a higher risk of diseases. Massage therapy can help because when our bodies are relieved of stress, we naturally release serotonin, which has a great influence on our melatonin (the hormone that dictates our circadian rhythm when we sleep). Studies have shown that massages can help people overcome insomnia.

Immune System Boost

According to Jeff Smoot, 2015 President of the American Massage Therapy Association, “Patients with compromised immune systems have found relief with massage therapy…Those same benefits can translate to people seeking to fight off the common cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses.” If you’re the type of person who gets sick quite often and you just don’t know what else to do to strengthen your immune system, book a massage.

Reduce Anxiety

Massage therapy expert Dr. Christopher Moyer, Ph.D, claims that the most well researched benefit of massage therapy is its effect on depression and anxiety. Not only do massages lower anxiety, but they become more effective with time. Moyer conducted a study in which a group received several massage sessions. The first session alone greatly reduced the anxiety of the patients, but the last session reduced anxiety levels by almost twice as much! “It is possible that the greatest benefits come about only when a person has learned how to receive massage therapy,” says Moyer. In other words, it is better to receive messages on a regular basis than only on occasion.

Relieve Muscles

Your muscles could be going through a lot without you realizing it. When muscles are too tense, your body can become uncomfortable doing certain muscular motions that you are normally used to. Sadly, muscles are prone to shorten and tighten, which add tension to joints. Massage therapy can help relieve muscle pain by blocking pain signals coming from the musculoskeletal system from reaching the brain. Massages can also help move lactic acid and carbonic acid out of the muscles; the products responsible for cramps and the burn felt after strenuous physical activity. 

Restore Flexibility

Injury and even poor posture can cause muscle adhesions, which is scar tissue on the muscles. This tissue is stiff and can reduce range of motion. Massage therapy breaks down adhesions, restoring your full range of motion.

So what are you waiting for...take care of yourself and book a massage now!