Fast Fixes for End-of-Summer Beauty Bummers

Posted on August 14 2018

Sun protection is essential during the summer season. However, with family vacations and relaxation taking over our days, skincare tends to take a backseat. It is vital to take care of our bodies, because while we may take a break, the harsh sun will not. We are left with sunburns and dehydrated skin, making us feel uncomfortable, itchy and irritable. Check out our four tips for dealing with end-of-summer woes:

H20 is nature’s number one friend. It creates and sustains life! We recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Our bodies need it to survive and keep a healthy glow. When you’re thirsty, not only is your stomach reminding you to drink up, but your skin requires it, too. Maintaining hydration is vital to overcoming summertime drink up!
When you get a bad burn, your skin will feel hot on contact. To soothe the pain, apply a cold compress to the area. We recommend an ice pack (or two) with a layer in between the pack itself and your skin (to stop further burning). If an ice pack just won’t cut it, take a cold shower and finish with a moisturizer like Bella Schneider’s Cupuacu Super Hydrating Oil. This oil includes ingredients such as jojoba oil and Cupuacu butter, which is great for reducing inflammation.

When our bodies need to heal, aloe vera acts as an emollient. Bella Schneider’s BSB Culmine Rich Nourishing Body Butter contains ingredients such as aloe, cucumber, chamomile and calendula. This restorative and hydrating lotion will leave you with soft, youthful and hydrated skin.
To prevent sun-damage to your skin in the first place, apply sunscreen ALL OVER! If you plan on being in the sun or even tanning your face, apply sunscreen! And remember: wearing a hat for shade not only prevents a sunburned face, but it also aids in stopping premature wrinkles from forming.

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